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Jesuit Retreat House - Catholic retreat center for religious retreats

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Individually-Directed Retreats

Time alone with God in our place of peace

Holy Week 2012: April 2-6 Register
Summer 2012: June 19 - July 20 Register
 Summer retreats last a weekend, 8 days, or 30 days; dates T.B.A.

An individually directed retreat at JRH will help you pull back, listen, and make God the center of your spiritual life.  This silent retreat with spiritual direction gives you time away by yourself to rest, refresh your spirit, and grow in awareness of God’s presence in your daily life.  There are many ways to find peace and closeness to God while on retreat at JRH:  


Stroll our 57 acres of forest, pull up a lawn chair in our meadow, or just sit on any of our many outdoor benches and take in the peace, quiet, and beauty.


Pray at our outdoor grotto and shrines, or in the silence of our three indoor chapels.  Take part in daily liturgy in our air-conditioned main chapel, and read from an extensive collection of contemplative books in our library.


Grow spiritually by praying over daily readings and meditations from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola.  Share your prayer journey with an experienced spiritual director [Click here for available directors]. 


We invite you to open yourself to hearing or finding God’s purpose for your life by making an individually-directed retreat at the Jesuit Retreat House.  An experienced director will help, a patient God awaits.  Register here.



Private Retreats

You can choose to make a private retreat during the Individually Directed Retreat periods. This means you do the retreat on your, without the guidance of a personal spiritual director.  You will eat meals with the Directed retreatants and are welcome to participate in the daily liturgy.

The cost of an individually directed or private retreat depends on the length of the retreat.  The cost includes the spiritual director’s fee, a private room, and meals.

Please note: Retreats can be shortened depending on the needs of the retreatant.