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Hopscotch Blog #3, Boston Angel?!?!?

Hello my friends: I have to admit the heat has gotten to me! I never was good in the heat (being a fair-haired, princess-like, temperamental pooch—I prefer snow for fun).  However, I beg Ma’m to take me out on hot days and she is very circumspect about it.  A short...
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What is Ignatian Spirituality?

IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY Spirituality is a unified world view and way of life.  Christian Spirituality is believing and acting in accord with God’s self revelation in Christ.  But there are many ways of doing this, all faithful to the Gospels, but historically, psychologically, and culturally distinct. Ignatian Spirituality is rooted in...
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Who are the Jesuits?

THE JESUITS When they had finished their studies Ignatius and his companions decided to offer themselves to the Pope for whatever ministry he wished. They discerned that God was calling them to form a new religious order, the Society of Jesus.  Rather than committing themselves to a single work and...
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