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Enjoy spiritual commentary by Hoscotch -our favorite canine!

Hopscotch Blog #3, Boston Angel?!?!?

Hello my friends: I have to admit the heat has gotten to me! I never was good in the heat (being a fair-haired, princess-like, temperamental pooch—I prefer snow for fun).  However, I beg Ma’m to take me out on hot days and she is very circumspect about it.  A short...
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Hopscotch’s Re-Treats #1: Introductions!

Hi! My name is Hopscotch and I am an English Cocker Spaniel who lives in a convent with three Roman Catholic Nuns. I find that people either feel sorry for me when I say this, or they are mildly inquisitive and happy for me. Let me tell you, I have...
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