Hopscotch’s Re-Treats #1: Introductions!

Hi! My name is Hopscotch and I am an English Cocker Spaniel who lives in a convent with three Roman Catholic Nuns. I find that people either feel sorry for me when I say this, or they are mildly inquisitive and happy for me.

Let me tell you, I have the best canine life possible. I’ve lived here for 12 of my 13 years and I could not have been happier!

There’s Sr. A, and Sr. H, and my best buddy, human companion, alpha-of-the-pack, “Ma’m.” Sr. A and Sr. H (I’ll call them A and H from now on) are like doting aunts; they take care of me when Ma’m is not around.

When the Sisters needed a watch dog, they took me because I was available. I have been in charge of the security around here since my first day, but truthfully, my bark is louder than my bite. Fact is, I’ve never bitten anyone and after I bark at someone coming on our property, I usually hide behind whoever opens the door to inquire of the visitor.

Ma’m and I do everything together—when she’s home. She works every day at a retreat house and I get to learn about things spiritual from her. So I thought I’d share what I learn with any alert and interested canines out there and, perhaps, even their human companions.

Every night Ma’m prays in her room and I usually sit at her feet. Lately, I’ve been drowsing off – you know how it is when you get older. Ma’m says it’s ok to get tired when praying and even when worshipping during church or when trying to meditate. Sometimes God just wants us to rest in God’s arms. The key is to put aside the time and put one’s heart and mind in God’s hands. This settles the hurt soul, the angry soul, the seeking soul.

Ah, the seeking soul! My ears perk up, my eyes widen. Like the souls that seek birds and squirrels and rabbits on our property? Ma’m says, “…well, ok. But do not harm them. Seek passionately to know God’s will, but do it in kindness and love.”

I’m back to nodding off. Nice words but I’d like to give that big, taunting woodchuck outside a piece of my mind.

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